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Basement Repairs; Foundation Repairs & Concrete Floor Slab Replacements

Cracked basement ReginaDo your basement walls and concrete floor look like Superheroes were battling in your basement?

Cracks with daylight coming through, wall separations your finger can fit in, leaks in the wall, seepage, footing dropping, catastrophic failure and worse….?

If we were superheroes our super power would be basement foundation wall repairs and concrete floor slab replacement.  We’ve helped many people in Regina and area with their foundation wall repairs and concrete floor slab replacements and repairs and we’re ready to come to your rescue too.

Our services include: wall bracing, wall reinforcing and installation of concrete “knee” and “pony” walls, sump pits, interior weeping tile, tele-post adjustment & pad replacement, crack-filling, exterior waterproofing and the list goes on.


We do understand that there are other companies out there and as any smart buyer would do, shop around, we encourage you to. We want to help you make the right decision and we understand that’s not always going with C2S. But if we can help you make the right decision about your construction renovation, hopefully in the future you’ll come back to us for more help.

When interviewing contractors, you should ALWAYS ask the following:

  1. Is the company licensed to do business in the city?
  2. Is the company willing to provide a copy of their CGL (Contractors General Liability certificate)
  3. Is the company willing to provide a Clearance Letter from WCB, to show that they are in good standing?
  4. Has the company ever been sued by a client?
  5. Does anyone who will be working in your home have a criminal record?

Basement Repair and renovation in Regina - C2S

Remember, contractor defect is not insurable so the best way to protect yourself is to make the Regina contractor prove they are legit!

Never, ever, ever do business with anyone who offers you a Cash Deal! If you pay in cash, you have no proof of the transaction and if the contractor doesn’t do the job to the scope or quality agreed to, then you have no leg to stand on if you have to go to court.

Besides, if the contractor offering you a cash deal is willing to break the law, what other corners will they cut when they do your job?!

For any questions you have about Regina basement repairs, foundation repairs, or concrete floor slab replacement send us an email at: or call us at: (306) 525-9000